Recomendation letter

I would like to recommend Jennifer Quintanar for a position with your organization . she is very responsible with the current job she has , and personally has never let me down or anyone she's worked with.From what I know she has a great passion for everything she does. If you hire her , im positive she wont let you down. if you have any questions concerning Jennifer please feel free to call me any time at (915)806-4096



4026 tierra konada

Twitter @Elizabeth.d. Facebook - Elizabeth Dimaris

Objectives: to become the best im at and try to make a change for the better .

Education : Elementary june 29 2004- 2010

Middle school 7/30/2010-2014

High school 7/29/2014 - present

Experience : have worked a lot in computers, I can master any type of website.

Skills: Organization , Memorization, Motivation ,Technical / work , self management

Persuasive essay

Do you ever wonder what the world be without good people?The world needs good people because of the environment , maturity within our selfs , and involves the peace around the world.                                       The environment around the world without good people would totally change. More crimes, fights , even suicide would occur . Think about it people take time out of there days to meet with people with problems. In fact 55% of crimes are put to stop by the people of the world . Without it the world would be a different environment .               Therefore maturity within our selfs is opened up by the way we think of each other and how it has to do with good people. Good people don't always need laws because of the instinct between whats right and whats wrong , or the way one is responsible. While bad people find ways around the laws taking there life harder .                                                 Now imagine a world with good people . Peace around the world within our selfs . Without good people the world wouldn't have a grip and would just be a distruction of mess. The type of grip within people who have kindness and love .                                                                                                 Without good people the world would be such a unhappy and violent environment.With good people the environment becomes better . A way  of maturity is learned , peace within our environment and our selfs becomes better . Thats why we need good people , we need to realize the importance of each other .