What is a Digital Citizen

Do you know what a Digital Citizenship is or how to be a great Digital Citizen? A Digital Citizenship is when you have to be responsible behavior with regard to be used on technology use.And how to be a great Citizen is to make good choices and not do stuff you are told not to do. To protect your privacy before you give your information you have to think who will get it and what they will do with it. There are four rules that you have to follow on the internet. The First Rule is to protect your identity and important information a secret,Second Rule is to be extra careful what you do,Rule Three don't let anyone see your password or anything important,Last Rule is to be nice to everyone.If you dont be nice if you send something mean back to someone or a comment even if you delete it will show up.Than if someone like the people that work on the internet they can see what you have sent or looked up.So now you know how to be a great Digital citizen remember follow the four rules and to be safe. Be kind with people on the internet!



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3 years ago