School Integration

What the African American kids were put through at school

At little rock central school 9 African American kids showed up to white parents and students were cursing and spiting on them. When they got through the crowd the mayor of the town was blocking there way in.

Many African American  kids like the one above were hurt at school. But Elizabeth Eckford was the most abused. At school girls would be pushed down the stairs and some girls would put broken glass in her gym shower.

Why did they start school integration?

They started school integration because there were kids that had to walk a mile or two just to get to the bus stop to go to school. Also the education was very bad at the African American schools.    


"Any fellow who tries to tell me that you can do these things by force are just plain nuts" - Eisenhower

To me this means that no one can force anyone into thinking or believe in a certain way.

How it affected the civil rights movement

School integration affected the civil rights movement because after that people started standing up and believe that they should have more rights. Also it was the first movement.    

Fact and Opinions

Fact: that African America people were treated unfairly because they had to go to schools with minimal education expectations.

Opinion: that African America students should not be at white peoples schools. I do not agree with this because it does not matter what your race is we should all be treated equal.    


This was a very important word to school integration because that is what they were doing to their schools.

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3 years ago

I really liked how you set this up and I think it really showed how the African Americans were treated.

3 years ago

I really liked how you set this up, and you have really good information.

3 years ago

I like your information and the African Americans were treated pretty badly back then

3 years ago

The sheet that Mrs. Carpenter made is funny.