Brown vs Board of Education 1954, Brown couldn't attend a school that was just blocks away because he was colored, and can only attend a colored school which was miles away. Brown and the Board of Education were involved. This made United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional.

1954 Montgomery boycott of segregated bus system. Colored people were involved in this boycott. It was a protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system. This later stoped the segregation.

3 major civil act members went missing but then found dead later. Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney,Michael Henry Schwerner, and the KKK. These 3 of the Congress of Racial Equality wanted to promote voting for colored people. This made the colors to fight for voting.

Little Rock High School Arkansas 1957. Colored, whites, government, police. Group of white mobs block the entrance of the school to prevent coloreds from entering. As a result the police had to get involved and escorted the coloreds to classes, bathrooms, etc. Segregation with other school.

1961 Albany Georgia. Whites and blacks sitting in one bus, they were known as Freedom Riders. Left D.C on May 4, 1961 to New Orleans. They travel to test the Supreme Court's ruling in Boynton v. Virginia, which declared segregation in interstate bus and rail stations unconstitutional. As result a damage to the bus. This made another Freedom Riders 2.

Oxford, Integration of the University of Mississippi. People involved were Meredith, governor of Mississippi, and the whites if Mississippi. The people prevented Meredith from entering the building.September 30 1962 Meredith was escorted by U.S. Marshals. This helped America realize people have no power over the higher power.

Medgar Evers was murdered June 12, 1963. He was assassinated. In his driveway. People that were involved was Medgar Evers. This happen just before John F Kennedy nationally televised Civil Rights Address. This made people want to keep fighting what Evers wanted.

1963- This event was because of racial segregation. A bombing that killed 4 girls. Who were involved, colored, whites. This later was a major event of the Civil Rights Movement.  

1960- Colors weren't served food. They were hit, and other things. People involved were colored and whites. This event was a major event for the Civil Rights Movement.

1963- March on Washington. This was when King Jr made the speech "I had a dream." Coloreds and whites were involved. Was a major event of the Civil Rights Movement.

1968- Murder of MLK Jr. People involved was everyone basically near the area. Major event of the Civil Rights Movement.

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