Exploration Project
By: Anish Shah

         The search for going to the west. . . . . .

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I am an explorer named Capistrapa. I am from France, but asking you, Ferdinand II,  to help fund my trip. I will go on a dangerous journey to the west in order to find many different things. That includes your favorite, riches. I know you just want to keep reading.

Using many different techniques, I will conquer the west and you shall be the the ruler of the world. Over there I will try to find and do many different things. I will:  find riches, find new people and make them do what is told, try to find a way to Asia, and conquer the west.

I chose this because if you have riches, you have wealth. With money you can simply do almost anything. This is because almost everything starts with money, and if you have a lot of it, you can pretty much buy anything you want. Also, If you find a lot of new people and make them do what is told, you have more power. With more power, you can be better at wars, you make items faster, and can produce resources faster. Another thing is that if you find a way to Asia, you can literally conquer the world. With this, you can put the people to work .

I am going to the East Coast of the US because in the East Coast there is many different resources. Some include. . . .

A lot of wood for making resources.

Water, that has many different uses. (Includes bathing, not recommended)

Animals for food, farming, and breeding.

France and England are also searching for these same things, so we must act swiftly. If you allow me, Capistrapa, then you can rule the west before anybody else can. Just elect me, so no one else can rule it all.

Otherwise, this could happen to you. Just don't let this happen to you.

Choose me because I will take less time then anyone else that you choose. Just look at this picture, it's a picture of infinite time. You can't beat that.                      

When I see obstacles in my path, I will overcome them like nothing has ever come in my path. Some obstacles I think I will encounter are: The deadly oceans, other Europeans, and disease that might kill my colonists.

If I meet other countries I will ambush them, so they cannot live. . .

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