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During the War of independence in 1948, Mr. Ariel Sharon was made a platoon commander. After one of his battles he was shot in the stomach. Mr. Ariel was considered the best field commander in the Israeli Army history.  Ariel Sharon was elected to become the commander in 2001. Now that Sharon is incapacitated, many of the same voices are running for him as a peacemaker. Mr. Ariel Sharon is from Israel. Ariel Sharon was from a Russian family. y killing 63 civilians including women and children in his Unit 101 raid on Qibya in 1953 Ariel Sharon announced that in his vision, Israel would continue the tactics pioneered by 1940 terrorist groups. Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel, died Saturday after spending eight years in a coma. Sharon died at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. He was 85. While many saw Sharon as a hero, others saw him as a ‚Äútyrant"

This shows where he was injured at.
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Mr. Ariel Sharon Ariel's Team.
People from his team guarded a Israeli security cordon, Ariel Sharon the right-wing Israeli opposition leader led a group of Israeli.
Ariel Sharon became the commander by getting elected by the people around the world.

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Ariel and his team was located in Israel

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"When it was time to fight, he stood front forward in the most sensitive and painful places, but he was a smart and realistic person and understood well that there is a limit in our ability to conduct wars."

As one of Israel's most famous soldiers, Sharon was known for bold tactics and an occasional refusal to obey orders. As a politician he became known as "the bulldozer," a man contemptuous of his critics while also capable of getting things done.

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