My Life Journey.

      To start off the topic my name is Leandra i am 18 years old I'm currently a senior. I tend to smile tremendously at random moments. My passion for the nursing field is outrageous i love helping the people that are in need. I am a regular blood donner (at times.)



The most eventful time the has happened in school was when i found out that of course it s my senior year but also finding out that all the people i associate with have some what classes together. So that makes it easier to know people rather than to start off being random at first. Giving me the opportunity to have fun in many of my classes including 2nd period because it excites me somewhat.


The tutorial that I had chosen would be Turning Turnip because it seems interesting to use. The  effects that they used had stood out from the other Photoshop tutorials that I've seen. I would really want to see what else can be made from just a simple object converting it to many different things.


There are so many things that i hope to learn  from this class, things such as: making different designing photos, learning to create signs, swapping faces to different images, being able to create my own design, learning the new steps and different techniques. as for making designs its gives off an impression that you can do many things with just simple tool. learning to create signs it really excites me to get to know that i have the ability to create somethings that i had no intention to do before this class. Whenever we get to the time for swapping faces it would be really fun to see what many people do when they have the ability to experience it.  Second to the last thing would being able to create my own type of design  giving off the illusion that i can actually make something that no one has done.  For the final step learning to use different process than before the techniques on how too use the tools and different ways too.


the two designs that can be used for the pen tool are to cut out the background of a photo to have another background added to it by using simple steps. by using that you can use the pen tool to go around a certain object and have it added with a different design that you choose. as for the other design you can outline a image and use it to go around certain objects that you chose. for example when you are using the pen tool to make your own custom shape as anything you decide.


Using the kahoot! was a way to check if you really understand what each key is for. its like a someone review to see if you are able to use the correct keys for a certain thing. when i took the test i couldn't help but try to remember the fact that i actually took a while of not knowing it or the correct way. even when you only have a certain amount of time limit to use it for those 30 seconds i had to check if the answers were the ones that would be used.


Who? in the Hispanic and Latin culture they celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

What? by honoring dead loved ones who had passed.

When?  For this year Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 2014 begins on Saturday, November 1 and ends on Sunday, November 2.

Where? They gather at the cemetery of where the loved ones are buried.

Why?  to remember their love ones and alongside death means that Mexicans have to learned to accept it within their lives. Death is apparent in everyday life. It is in art and even in children's toys. It is not respected as it is in other cultures. Children play "funeral" with toys that are made to represent coffins and undertakers.



A color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. the color wheel is where a circle with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors.the color scheme and the importance of it is that so the colors can be aranged and can be combined. the different impact of the colors on the audience is eye catching in order to catch the peoples attention is to blend colors that dont look too bright nor too dark just plesent to the eye.


Bird Bowl Week

black out when everybody in school wears black

blast from the past no idea why this

guys dress up as girls and girls dress up as guys to confuse them.

tacky tourist tropical Thursday no clue.

hawk out when we should our spirit for our school


what I'm Thankful for is well of course my family, boyfriend ,and friends. I' m pretty sure with out them i wouldn't be who i am today. There are many things to be Thankful for but i would say that those are my top upon my list. I'm just Thankful that i have supportive people in my life, a house that i can call home not that many people can say the same thing so this is why im Thankful for all of the things that i have in my life. There is alot to be Thankful about and i know the list can go on and on but just sticking with the basics its pretty much all the same for everybody. For my family they raised me to be the person i am today knowing right from wrong and all the other things. As for my boyfriend and friends they are the type of people who I can say they are also like family to me as well. For the people i love its really unexplainable on how much i am thankful for them. The house that i live in the food that is in my fridge the bed that is in my room thoses are things that i am also thankful for. im also thankful for my great- grandma who still walks and works with everything she is my inspiration so that would be my thing that i would be Thankful for.  



maybe the one helpful thing i did for someone during the break was not very big maybe just help watch my little cousin while my aunt and uncle wen tout for the day so i helped gave a chance so they can have a day off with out their children around for the mean time. it really wasnt a big deal since i do that in the free time i have. but  this time was different because of the fact that it was the day before Thanksgiving they had to get all of their things together for the next day. when i had babysat them i had help from my boyfriend and other little cousin , i had the chance to spend time with both even though they both despise each other at times by playing around its usually entertaining.


a info graphic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. it is a well-designed info graphic and help you simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience. an info graphic should contain a subject matter that is appealing to your target audience and appealing to the eye. its for data visuals and for easy to read illustration helps tell a story and makes data points easier to understand.