A Rising Trend

Nomophobia is a term describing a growing fear in today’s world. This term was coined by UK Post Office in 2010. The fear of being without a cell pohne causes on users anxiety,tachycardia, headache and stomachache. The reasons behind this phobia are self-esteem problem, personal insecurity, culpability and dependence. The consecuences are really disturbing inasmuch as mobile devices were made to help us, they are affecting in our lifes, distracting us, there is no more personal relations, insomnia, thelephone slavery and the most unbelievable consecuence is an accident. It is shocking how this dependece is affecting us in many aspects. Here I have advices for a better use:

1. Reasonable use of mobile.

2. Establis schedules

3. Gradually separated from your mobile

4. Give priority to reality (situations. family, friends, school)

5. Consult a Psychologist

Enjoy life. More reality, less virtuality.

Joaquina Argüello.

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3 years ago

Everybody are adicctive the cell phone also you (joaquina)