Geography of the Northeast  4th grade

Mr. Luis Alberto Cruz Rafles  

The Northeast REgion of the United States

Look at the map and write the Northeast States in your notebooks.

Draw the map of the Northeast States and label with each state capital.

What is the Northeast region bounded to the north? to the east? to the south? and to the west?

How is the Northeast Climate?

What is the largest state of the Northeast?

What is the smallest state of the region?

The Northeast Region has been defined by the Census Bureau  as comprising nine states: The New England States  and The Mid-Atlantic States.

Colonial History

All of the states making up the Northeastern region were among the original Thirteen Colonies, though Maine and Vermont were part of other colonies before the United States became independent in the American Revolution. The two cultural and geographic regions that form parts of the Northeastern region have distinct histories.

New England

The Landing of the Pilgrims, Henry A. Bacon (1877)Main article: History of New England

The first Europeans to settle New England were Pilgrims from England, who landed in present-day Massachusetts in 1620. The Pilgrims arrived by the Mayflower and founded Plymouth Colony so they could practice religion freely.Ten years later, a larger group of Puritans settled north of Plymouth Colony in Boston to form Massachusetts Bay Colony.In 1636, colonists established Connecticut Colony and Providence Plantations. Providence was founded by Roger Williams, who was banished by Massachusetts for his beliefs in freedom of religion, and it was the first colony to guarantee all citizens freedom of worship. Anne Hutchinson, who was also banished by Massachusetts, formed the town ofPortsmouth. Providence, Portsmouth, and two other towns (Newport and Warwick) consolidated to form the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

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