Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire has alot of ties to the roman empire

The byzantine empire was the eastern side of the roman empire thats why there is so many ties to the roman empire because in a way it is part of the roman empire. Here is how the Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire are compared the roman capital was rome there religion was roman catholic there language was Latin some other information was it was the western half of the roman empire and they fell into the dark ages.The byzantine empires capital was Constantinople the religion is eastern greek orthodox the language was greek. some other little facts are they were the eastern half of the roman empire and they grew strong and lasted 1000 years.

impact on Russia

  • cyrillic alphabet
  • art work(mosaic)
  • religion
  • architecture

Contributions to our society

Justinian code the law of the byzantine empire based on the"twelve tables" of roman laws became a basis for laws in many Europin. there was also art and architecture that was usually supported the church. They also preserved Greek and Roman culture that  means they saved there knoledge so we could build off of that.

Reason Why the Empire lasted so long

  • organized government
  • did not get to big
  • minded there own bussiness

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