Easy Guide When Buying Premium Gifts

Premium corporate gifts come in different forms and functions. Whether you are looking for a way to celebrate an employee or a promotional giveaway for an event, it’s hard to define your corporate brand with an item. Gifts premium from your company can define how you are perceived by the people who receive it. A premium gift is also a great way you can show your company’s culture. We’ve come up with a guide to help you choose the perfect premium corporate gift based on your company’s culture.

1. Electronic - Electronic gifts are now gaining prominence. From USB drives to power banks, these gifts are perfect for companies who are in the IT or digital industries. It shows that your company is current and your gift will definitely be used. Here is a short list of electronic corporate gifts:

  • USB Drives
  • Power Banks
  • Speakers
  • Web Cameras
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Mobile Chargers

2. Luggage - Giving away luggage is still a popular choice. It, however, has to be well built. Choosing luggage can work well for a variety of industries. Here is a list of possible luggage giveaways:

  • Gear/Sports Bag
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Bags

3. Hobby or Sports - When a majority of your clients have similar tastes in hobbies/sports, a great gift would be one that suits their hobby. If your company caters to sports or hobbies, you should choose this type of gift. It shows that your company is approachable and fun. Here’s a list of items you can customise as a premium gift:

  • Golf tees
  • Caps
  • Towels
  • Chess Sets
  • Golf Umbrella
  • Playing Cards
  • Pedometers

4. Office - Choosing a premium gift for the office is a no-brainer. It shows that your company is professional and thoughtful. It will be a gift that they will definitely be able to use. Here is a list of items that can easily be modified for your company.

  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Post-its
  • Business Card Holders
  • Stationary
  • Calculators

There is no shortage of gift ideas for your company. Branding is a huge factor to consider before choosing a corporate gift. Make sure you have a logo that works well with the product you end up choosing. A great way to make it a company effort is to create a small poll in your office. Ask them questions about what they think would make a memorable giveaway. It makes the premium gift all the more special.