Ramesses Lara 8th grade digital portfolio!


I have done many units, including: E-mails and Blogs!


The names are self- explanatory but the E-mail program i used was Gmail.

Blog program i used was Blogger (Link above)

We did stuff like Digital Photography.

In which we took pictures using Digital Cameras and uploaded them to our computers like taking pictures of posters,signs,lockers, anything!

We might have presented a little bit...

We did presentations on all sorts of things like a topic of SOAR (Safety,Ownership,Achievement,Respect.) I personally did a presentation on Safety in the cafeteria. and learned the inside and out of keynotes!

The first slide of my presentation on a video game.

We learned photoshop.

Photoshop was a program we used and we did all sorts of things like make a creature, I called mine a Heagky (Husky and Eagle) we learned all about the tools of photoshop!

The Heaky!
I photoshopped a frog and a tongue! (Yuck!)
My Name in light blast text in photoshop!

We did Video production.

We produced videos using digital cameras and editing clips together we even made a trailer for our own movies!

We messed with sounds!

We used audacity to make music and edit famous clips like Neil Armstrong saying "This is one small step for man one giant leap for mankind."

We Desktop Published.

Desktop publishing is what we did it even confused some of the kids, but for I being wise made a college poster. We learned an acronym CRAP C:Contrast R:Repetition A:Alignment P:Presentation.

We animated!

We stop motion animated like  a ball bouncing and crushing a car!

We became fashion designers!

We made a fashion portfolio all originally from us!

My portfolio!

We designed games!

We used Gamestar Mechanic to design games, we learned about space,components and other things!.

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