A Teacher's Best Friend

What is an Instructional Coach?

Now that you know who your Coach is and have an idea of what my job is, lets talk about some specific things I can do for you.

I can...
help you create technology infused lessons
come and model best practices for you
side by side teach with you
share/look for resources
help interpret data
create professional development
learn from you
Tell you what an awesome job you are doing,
But enough about me;

What can you do for me? You can...
be my guinea pigs
let your students be my guinea pigs
Tell me when I am doing a great job
Tell me what I can do to better help you
accept my apology for all the mistakes i have made, am making and will make
most importantly and forget everything else, be my guinea pigs!!

Now that everyone knows their job, it is my hope that together

We can...
improve our instructional practices
produce visible high quality instruction
engage students in every aspect of learning
assist students in becoming lifelong learners
Continue to make Cedar bluff one of the best schools around

Thanks so much for your time. The best way to get in contact with me:

email me: jhart@cherokeek12.org

Please sign up and join my googleclassroom: yxabmhc