End of Year College Project

Due Tuesday 5/27/15 at Midnight

Your end of year project will consist of completing the items below in a TACKK portfolio. Please post all of your completed work on a single TACKK formatted similar to this one to receive credit for your work (the College Application will go directly to me after they are submitted). Each section has its directions. Use the following tags to begin:

#trevizoEOY1            #trevizoEOY2              #trevizoEOY4 #trevizoEOY5           #trevizoEOY6              #trevizoEOY7

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Complete a persuasive essay response based on the following prompt: Please cut and paste your persuasive essay onto TACKK.


Write a persuasive essay to convince someone why the world needs good people.

College Application

Complete your college application by clicking on the link below. The application must include your full name in order to receive credit. After you submit your application, it will go straight to me. You do not need to post this to your final Tackk.

Letter of Recommendation

Write a letter for recommendation for your partner. In turn, your partner must also write a letter of recommendation for you. For information about writing a proper letter of recommendation, click the button below.

Cover Letter / Letter of Intent

Create a cover letter about yourself requesting an interview to any employer/business of your choice. Remember to use formal language and use the correct formatting shown below.


Use this template to plan your resume!

If you would like examples of resume templates, or would like to know more about the general formatting, click the link below.

Job Application

Collect a job application from a local business of your choice or print one from the link below. Once you have filled out the application (remember to not include your real address, birthday, or social security number) take a picture of it all and post it to your final Tackk.

**Print all 3 in the Free Printable Job Applications button!