Keep Your Truck Operating At Its Best With Espar Airtronic Air Heater

A truck heater can improve the overall performance of your truck and make your long drives much more comfortable. An Espar Airtronic air heater is one of the types of heaters that you can consider installing. This truck heater works by drawing air from outside or from the cool room, then it heats the air up before it is delivered inside the truck. It can work without heat from the vehicle's heat balance and the engine.

Using an Espar Airtronic can prevent ice, fog, and mist from building up and making your windows and windshield useless. This truck heater allows you to see clearly while driving on a cold day. It lets you drive safely and it eliminates the need to scrape ice off the windows. The Airtronic is designed to be environmentally friendly as it does not give off harmful emissions just to keep your truck's interior warm. It can protect the vehicle, too, by helping warm the engine up.

An Espar Airtronic air heater can be great for commercial vehicles like trucks. It is easy to install in the cab, under the floor, or in the luggage compartment. This truck heater has practical controls, like the digital timer that allow you to achieve the level of comfort that you need. Espar manufactured three Airtronic air heaters that you can consider for your truck—these air heaters are also suitable for cars and RVs. Imagine starting your day without having to use an ice scraper. Now you have more time to enjoy with your family or drive away immediately for work or to do errands.

An Espar Airtronic air heater can be a worthy investment. It starts up as soon as it receives the starting pulse to trigger processes, which the central control unit triggers. This is how an Airtronic truck heater works:

  • It performs an automatic safety check
  • It triggers the burner motor to start, the pre-ventilation of the combustion space, warming up of the glow plug, and conveying of fuel from the metering pump
  • A flame is formed when the glow plug causes fuel-air mixture
  • Hot combustion gases go through a heat exchanger
  • The hot air fan gets fresh air or room air
  • Heat from combustion gases is conveyed to the hot air via the heat exchanger

An Espar Airtronic air heater can heat the inside of a truck directly using warm air, and it provides instant heat as soon as you start the engine. Now you can enjoy continuous heat while minimizing fuel consumption. Best of all, it is quiet to operate, and you can use its fan function when required.

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