Mobile Learning In The Classroom:

5 apps to be used in the classroom:

I have decided to make a list of applications that could easily be used in a junior high/high school science classroom.

1. NOVA Elements app (iOS)

This type of app includes an interactive periodic table. Students can select any element and learn more about it. This app also allows students to view the chemical structure of molecules, and also has an integrated video section. This type of app works great with iPads, and could even be implemented in a full class setting by using it with an interactive whiteboard. This is a free app which can be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

2. 3D Brain (iOS)

The 3D Brain app is an interactive way to explore the brain structures and functions. This app can easily display information of the 29 brain structures. Each section of the brain can give further information (case studies) and important discoveries that have been made in the selected brain area. The integrated search feature within the app also allows students to search a topic and have relevant brain areas appear. This free app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

3. 3D Cell (iOS)

This is a great application to show the microscopic part of the cell. Students can interactively manipulate the virtual cell very easily. There is also a section which allows students to virtually stain slides. Using this application inside of the classroom will give students a great resource to further their learning in this science area.

4. Video Science (iOS)

Video Science application can be very useful in science classrooms. This type of app gives great science information and shows videos of experiments. This app thoroughly explains the science principles present in the videos and has an easy to navigate setup that can be utilized by students.                  

5. Science Glossary

This type of application can be used to supplement the learning and understanding of students in science classrooms. This is a digital glossary which students can search and find information regarding scientific terminology and important biographies of scientists. This is a free application which can be downloaded through iTunes app store.

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