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Above you'll notice one of the worlds (literal) gems, Simiperimo.  With a name that combines the Latin words for "sword" and "slay," Simiperimo is a sword that has been used for centuries to protect the innocent and slay the guilty.  Aside from the second-to-none blade, the sword also has a layered guard (notice both the straight and the curved guards at the hilt of the blade) for added protection.  The handle is double wrapped with both brown and black leather for wearability and comfort.  (And, you may have noticed, according to the top right hand corner of the picture you can get your VERY OWN replica of the sword for only $185.  That can't be beat.)

The History of the Sword

Simiperimo was forged by a great swordsmith hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Boasting of a strong iron and steel blade, this sword was made to stand the test of time. It is truly a sword fit for a hero, in this case, a hero of the legendary Magnimitus clan. It is amongst the Magnimitus' where Simiperimo has been passed down from eldest son to eldest son for dozens of generations. This noble family has a knack for producing sons who know their way around a duel. Only challenging the guilty and entering battle with heroic intent, the sword has never failed the family.

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Innocentibus Protegam

Engraved with the message "innocentibus protegam," or, in English, "protect the innocent" Simiperimo is truly representative of what the heroes of the family strove to achieve.  Like the modern day superheroes, the Magnimitus boys are of great gallantry and chivalry (which one is hard pressed to find in a boy today).  They defended the innocent of their clan against rivals and, like any true hero, never shied away from a challenge.  

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