Tennessee Aquarium

Different organisms and Marine Life

When we first arrived to the aquarium, we all passed a bunch of tanks full of fish and pictures of fish and stuff.. After we passed all of that we came into a really big room and there was a open tank full of stingrays and horseshoe crabs. We were allowed to pet them and touch them but i only touched one because when i felt the stingray it was really slimy and gross and i definitely cant touch things like that.. I learned a lot about different animals and marine life while i was there. But one thing i will always remember is when we first walked into the aquarium it smelled like cleaning products and dead fish. It was so bad but it only took like 5 minutes to get used to but omg its was horrible. I heard a bunch of little kids like screaming and laughing and just talking really loud and that is when i thought to myself that this was gonna be a really annoying trip. But it turned out to be really fun and very informative! Most of the things we saw were biotic or we mostly paid attention to but there was also abiotic things some people didn't pay attention to. Like the plants or others. Biotic things are living things and abiotic are non living things

After we washed our hands from touching the stingrays we walked up a bunch of stairs into a dark hallway and then i saw a huge tank full of the cutest little penguins like ever. I stayed and just watched them swim through the water and jump on each other and stuff then our chaperone made us come and look at the jellyfish and upside down jellyfish. I never knew there was actually such a thing i thought the were just regular jellyfish that didn't know how to swim. The tanks that they had them in were like big cylinder shaped domes. I saw an individual jellyfish swimming away from all the other ones in the tank. I also saw a population of upside down jellyfish at the bottom and little baby ones floating around everywhere!

Then we went to a different exhibit with different sea animals. We saw so many different types of marine life and they were all so pretty! The turtles, fish and coral are all part of a community. Everything else plus the non-living things are on in the ecosystem. The people who worked there like told us all of the different types of things they ate and live off of. At one point we passed a scuba diving show where a man and woman were swimming in the tank with all the fishes and sharks.... I am not really sure how they could not spaz out when a fish or shark got near them.. But i get scared really easily so that probably has a big impact on it haha. Some of the animals in water and the ocean have mold or onecelled things that would belong in the kingdom of protista

After we got done with all the sea life, we went to ponds and tanks full of snakes and lizards and different types of fish from like lakes. I am terribly afraid of snakes so i didn't look at them at all but i saw lizards and really cute snapping turtles! They are all the same and different in many ways because of what they eat and where they live and the type of climate there is. We also saw frogs and alligators, which also scared me half to death because scary.. Many of these animals get their food by either eating small insect or plants or other animals. The energy they get from theses things like other animals eat insects and insects get energy from plants and plants get food and energy from sunlight water and soil. Other animals could eat smaller animals for meat and protein from that. The plants or fungus that these animals eat would be in the kingdom of plantae or fungi.

After we ate lunch we went to see an IMAX movie about great white sharks. We learned about how they are going extinct slowly... I also learned that great white sharks are'nt crazy man-eating freaks like people say they are. There are at least 100+ shark attacks worldwide, fully 1/3 to 1/2 are attributable to great whites. Scientists agree that their number are decreasing precipitously due to overfishing and accidental catching in gill nets, among other facts, and they are listed as an endangered species..

Last, my favorite part of the whole trip was seeing the sea otters. They are all so cute i cant even deal... My favorite animals since i cant even remember has been a sea otter and meer-kat but i love sea otters like 100x more! A sea otter is a marine mammal native to the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean. They are normally prey more than they are a predator. Sea otters eat urchins, abalone, mussels, clams, crabs, and snails and about 40 other marine species. These two are in the kingdom of animalia.

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