candy land


In my county, Candy land we eat candy with EVERYTHING!! We eat candy by itself or served with all foods. The people must eat at least a piece of candy each day or we can become ill. All the energy that the people have comes from the candy they eat! The candy is very important to our everyday life.


In Candy land, the houses the live in are made up of candy as well. They aren't made up of all candy though the houses do contain wood and bricks but the candy is what holds the houses together.They take old leftover candy that is no good and use it as cement. These houses are made to be very strong sustainable.  Their home is literally a 'Home sweet home'!


The education system in candy land is very good. Everyone can go to school. Everyone can go to school for free up until they're 18. When they turn 18 they must begin to pay. If they don't they have to work in some type of production where they work with candy for the rest of their working days.


The climate in candy land is temperate forest. The summers are very warm and the candy will melt from time to time (picture above). The winters are cold but not freezing,it will receive light snowfall. If the temperatures change drastically there can be problems but they've learned how to deal with issues and can overcome it. The climate can be difficult to work with due to the candy but  it is what this country is made of and loves.

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