The Aquatic Ecosystem

Biotic Organisms°clown fish °hammerhead shark °electric eel

•coral•krill fish

Abiotic organisms °rock°sunlight °salt water

•dirt •pebbles

Carrying Capacity:

Carrying Capacity of a biological species in an environment is the maximum population size of a species.

Example- too many sharks, with limited prey.

LIMITED FACTORS: predator/prey






Producer: algae- uses photosynthesis from the sun.

Consumer: fish-eats algae to use as energy to survive.

Consumer Level 2: dolphin- eats fish as energy to survive.

Consumer Level 3: great white shark- gets its energy from the dolphin when it eats it.


A food web is different than a food chain because it has different varieties of predator and prey.

If I removed the Killer Whale {the top level}, all of its prey would increase in population.



Trophic levels are the "feeling levels" of a food chain or web. There are 4 levels in the Trophic levels.
°third level- carnivores/omnivores
°second level- carnivores/omnivores
°first level- herbivores/omnivores
°producer level- plants/grass/trees
I think  the reason energy pyramids are triangular is because you can split it any way to make different levels. I also think why producers are the largest level is because it is the main source for food and energy. The reason why the top predators are at the top is because they aren't prey to any predators, so there is a limited amount of them.



Plants take in glucose and carbon dioxide. Their waste is Oxygen, which produces their food and energy.


Trophism is the turning or bending movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus such as heat, light, and gravity. There are two different types of trophisms and four different types of stimuli.

Positive Trophism- movement TOWARD the stimulus

Negative Trophism- movement AWAY from the stimulus

Phototrophism-moving in response to sunlight

Geotrophism- moving towards or away from the Earth (has to deal with gravity)

Thingmotrophism- movement from touch

Hydrortrophism- the way a plant grows or bends in response to water


Decomposers break down materials in an ecosystem and releases organic compounds for plants to use. Some decomposers in the ocean are:

~marine worms

~sea slugs

~nassarius snails



Adaptations help an organism to survive and reproduce in it's environment. They can help an organism by, obtaining food, avoiding predators, and attracting a mate.

Gills take oxygen out of the water so then they can breathe underwater.

^^this fish blends into the sand, so it can stay away from predators . If they didn't do this, they would probably get eaten by a predator, or probably wouldn't survive.


Natural selection is the process where organisms are better adapted to their environment, they tend to survive well, and they are able to produce more offspring.

Camouflage is a protective feature in an organism, this is a great example of natural selection. Camouflage is when an organism blends into its surroundings to protect itself from predators.

This fish blends into its surroundings. This can increase its population because it is not getting killed by predators. There could be a decrease in the predator because it isn't finding any food, and so the prey could survive, but the predator wouldn't.

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