Advertiser Page Release

Triple Blah!

Rules of Engagement

  1. Don't worry about small UI tweaks like spacing, color, controles jumping, etc. We'll tackle polishing the entire app at the end
  2. Matt will take all feedback and relay to the dev team
  3. Looking for bugs & functionality issue.


  1. Created & updating appnexus objects only change it on our database. It will not create or update the object in appnexus.
  2. Snapshot table data is now being updated hourly.


  1. Snapshot filtering only works for single parent relationships.


  1. Are there any required fields on the Advertiser page forms that are not required for AppNexus?
  2. Do you want to display the Flash Backup File Image?


Below are some specific items to ensure we cover in QA

  1. Advertisers, Line Items, Campaigns, Creatives and Conversion Pixels are displayed correctly.
  2. Search works correctly.
  3. Create and edit for Advertiser, Line Item, Campaign, Creative and Conversion Pixel all work correctly.
  4. Pay extra attention to Campaign Targeting and Creative tag/file creation.

Known Issues

  1. Javascript tags are not rending correctly in Creative Preview
  2. There is a bug with the typeahead elements when they are too close to the bottom of the page. If you open up the window, they will open. We are currently working on a fix. (THIS HAS BEEN FIXED)
  3. Deleting a parent element (i.e Advertiser) does not remove the children (i.e. Line Item, Conversion Pixel, etc) from the snapshot tables.
  4. Validation tooltip error renders in the top left corner of the page for the typeahead drop downs. Currently working on a fix.
  5. If you search for an item in the snapshot table, but are not on the first page and the item is on a different page, the results will be empty.

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