Rtx 2015!!!!

RTX CLash with rooster teeth

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Where is it at??????????

Austin Convention Center500 E Cesar Chavez StAustin, TX 78701United States.  NOTE, there are some stuff you might not like but its not very bad.

What is it????????

Its a convention center for cosplay and tournaments.

Here it is if you wanted to see it for yourself.        Source: ps://www.google.com/maps/place/Austin+Convention+Center/@30.261588,-97.737722,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8644c9b241807a27:0x23bc8d0de45e2a98?hl=en.

Now we all have rules!!!!! >:(

some of their RULES!

They have guidelines and other rules here some,No guns, swords, knives, clubs, or other weapon that may cause harm. Please be aware that if your cosplay includes a fake/simulated weapon, it may be subject to examination.

Guardians are our Event Volunteers who have dedicated their weekend to help Rooster Teeth run a successful event. If they ask you to do something, or NOT to do something, please listen to them, and don’t hesitate to say “thanks”!

Seriously, be nice. Don’t make us call your parents. If someone is bothering you or you notice suspicious activity, please alert a Guardian or Staff Member.                              These are some of the guidelines from Rtx  for all of them go to the FAQ at the Rtx website.


So why not.

So come to RTX where gaming meets the internet it will be fun for anyone interested in games and cosplay, its a great place to visit and boy is it big so came and enjoy!! There is plenty of room so don't Push!!!!!!

Group picture on 3

5 Fun facts, Rtx is home to rooster teeth, Rtx is open for 3 days once a year, 343 is one of Rtx sponsors, Rtx is a plce for cosplay and gaming, Rtx was first based in Austin.

Just a short video for a inside sneak peak. :)

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