Her own person and open minded girl

Indirectly: Unique

Ray Bradbury portrays Clarisse as indirectly unique. "I rarely watch the Parlor walls or go to races or fun parks. So I've lots of time for crazy thoughts." She is different for other girls. She has a lot of time to think and she thinks outside the box. Other girls go to school and fun parks, but she thinks more about life and what is going to happen next.

Directly: Odd

The book describes clarisse as odd. Montag says to clarisse, "You are a odd one." She is different from all the characters because she has her own mind and people judge her by thinking she is odd just because she has her own mind and thinks a lot. Montag eventually realizes that she is just her own mind and not a odd person. Clarisse also rubbed a dandelion when walking with montag, so montag thought that what she was doing was odd. The book does this to show how she is a unique character and not a odd character.

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