Hailey && Stephen

Description: Flower farms are were flowers are grown in open fields or green houses. Growers are challenged to grow flowers for their specific climate. Grower is responsible for growing the flowers, packing, & shipping onto the wholesale distribution.

In Texas the salary is $25,000

The hours needed to work are normal 8-5

Education needed: technical and an expertise in flower growing as well as business management and marketing. Train as a commercial cut flower grower, learn to identify and select crops to grow, and learn to manage growth rate, health, harvesting, and marketing of a crop.

Tools needed: field, irrigation: drip tape, if beds are irregularity shaped soaker hoses are needed, cooler, greenhouses, hoop houses, a delivery vehicle, sheers, 2 gal. Bucket, floral preservatives, and treatments for diseases and bugs.

Skills needed: be able to identify and select crops to grow, learn how to initiate flowering out of season, learn how to ensure blemish free product for optimum prices, harvest and post harvest treatments to increase shelf life, and learn crop selections.

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