South Korea

Government Type: Representative Democracy                  Type of Economy: Capitalism

Capital: Seoul                      Population: 50.22 million                    Leader: Park Geun-hye

Official Language: Korean                           Type of Currency: Won (.00093 US dollars)

            GDP Per Capita: 25,976.95                       GDP Per Capita ranking in the world: 40th

   Literacy Rate: 97.9%                              Life Expectancy: Male- 77.4, Female- 83.9

Three Tourist Attractions

Haeundae Beach: You can enjoy one of the most popular beaches in South Korea.

The N Seoul Tower: You can visit the tower and shop at the businesses throughout the tower, or you can visit the observing center to view the amazing views.  

The Jamsil Baseball Stadium: You can visit this baseball stadium home to the LG Twins and the Doosan Bears and watch the ever growing sport come to life.

Three Important Historical Events

1950: The South declares independence, sparking North Korean invasion, this is the start of the Korean War.

1953: The Korean war ends, costing two million lives, and two divisons of Korea.

1980s: South Korea starts an increasing shift toward high-tech and computer industry.

Current Event

South Korea has been investigating reports of invasion tunnles from the North. South Korea has dismissed claims by a retired general that North Korea has dug as many as 84 tunnels beneath the heavily fortified border to serve as invasion routes into the South. The first tunnel was located nearly one mile into South Korean territory in November 1974, with a US officer and a South Korean Marine Corps major killed by a booby-trap as they were investigating the tunnel. 84 tunnels have been bored beneath the border, with some even stretching the 40 miles from the border to the center of Seoul.

Do you think your country's economy is successful? I do think my country is successful, they are ranked 15th in the world. They are also hosting the 2020 Olymics.

What could your country do to imporve their economy? They need to squeeze the most productivity out as much as possible, making more products leads to more money.

What is one major company located here?

Samsung Electronics

Market Cap: 165.2 billion

What they do: They specalize in making electronics such as televisions, computers, smartphones, etc.

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