Impressive Futures of Seiko 5 military Watches

The understated, entry-level Seiko 5 Military is handsome in its overall appearance without getting away even a bit from being purposeful. Any serious watch collector will have a Seiko 5 military as one of his most collectable Seiko watches and more so if it comes with a NATO strap. Whether it’s a 23-jewel version or a 21-jewel comes later, the bigger ones usually have them 23.

All Seiko 5 military watches boast of impressive features and represent a good balance in quality and price. These simple, three-hand watches with day/date complications mostly run on Seiko’s in-house automatic movements (e.g. the 7S36) and that is one impressive aspect about the Seiko 5 military itself. Reliable, strong and accurate, they are very unremarkable to look at. They are unpretentious, as much as the military field watch cases they are sitting in.

Easily readable markers on the dial are another impressive feature of Seiko 5 military watches; it’s the field watch design made prominent during the two great world wars. It’s all about simple timekeeping in smoky and muddy atmospheres, so the simpler it is to read the time, the better. Rugged movements paired to instrument-like dial designs and brought to a modern size (42mm), some of them are impressive due to their near-extreme water resistance, threaded crowns and magnetic shields. These all were exclusively for higher-end sports watches, but the Seiko 5 Military brought them for the fighters.

That is the reason why so much focus was put on the build quality of the Seiko 5 Military watches. They are stout and sturdy, with a small crown set at an angle and avoiding accidental dislodging. Seiko used Hardlex crystal - its proprietary hardened glass – only next to sapphire crystal in hardness. The movements are often visible through the back, but they are unadorned. It is a task-oriented watch and not jewelry, so decorations do not make in.

There are various straps to accompany the Seiko alarm chronograph watches; from the boring khaki or beige to rich crocodile leather and this has deep impact on the entire appearance of the watch, even to the point where you can even wear it with a Stroller suit and not just the sports jacket. But the best is perhaps a classic, olive/army-green Nato strap or a black-and-grey leather; you’ll be surprised the way they will compete to give a robust, military watch a facelift – a different one each time.

Being a field watch, the Seiko 5 Military is suitable for earthy tones and brings a nice effect to your overall attire. They also look great with both light casuals and your work attire.

Anyone looking for an inexpensive, all time wear Seiko alarm watch-styled watch should go for a Seiko 5 military both for its impressive functions and an impressive appearance. Extremely well-styled, they are a real homage to the real things of the Great World Wars!