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A market structure is an economic model that helps economist examine the nature and degree of competition among businesses in the same industry.

Monopolistic Competition


  • Similar but different products
  • Independent Decision Making
  • Imperfect information
  • Freedom to enter or leave
  • Limit Control of Prices
  • There is A LOT of advertisement involved


  • Product differentiation
  • Many firms
  • No entry and exit cost in the long run
  • Independent decision making
  • Buyers and sellers have imperfect information


  • Sometimes there are extra charges when it comes to marketing since differentiation is such an important piece.
  • Though more realistic than Perfect Competition it's more prone to inefficiency.



The least competitive type of market structure.


  • Price Maker
  • Barrier to entry
  • Control of Prices
  • Regulated Market


  • Higher Prices- Firms with monopoly can set higher prices than in a competitive market
  • Lack of Incentives- A monopoly faces lack of competition, meaning there is no little to no push for innovation.


Technology Monopoly

A monopoly based off the firm controlling a manufacturing method, invention or  type of technology.

Government Monopoly

It exist because the government either owns and runs the business or authorizes only one product.


  • USPS
  • Electricity
  • Water

Geographic Monopoly

It exist because there are no other producers or sellers within a certain region.

Natural Monopoly

It happens when the cost of production are lowest when only one firm provides output.


When the Market is dominated by a small number of sellers

Both Apple and Microsoft have an Oligopoly when it comes to Operative Systems in the U.S.


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