An inference is a conclusion on a situation based on your own thoughts and ideas.

1.) "If you're tired of the bootylicious babble that Destiny's Child has inspired, you may want to try the new solo effort from multi-platinum recording artist Beyonce Knowles." From this sentence I can infer that the author is probably more of a Beyoncé fan than a Destiny Child fan considering she wrote this review in favor of Beyoncé's new album and the word babble is used negatively towards Destiny Child.

2.) "My life is so powerful now that I have this shirt. It has changed my life so much. On my first date I wore it and some bright blue khakis. And now we are married."            From this review I can infer that the author wears this shirt often because he got married because of it and sounds pretty happy considering he said that "his life is so powerful now...".

3.)  "I bought this backpack for myself and I love it !! I've always been a fan of Rocket Raccoon and I just had to have this, it is so cute !"                                                      From this review I can infer that the author saw the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" because that is where the character Rocket Raccoon is from.

I can infer that Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are friends because they are dancing together and having a good time. Their facial expressions lead me to this conclusion.

From this scene I can infer that Luke and his dad have practiced this shot because it is probably really hard to make considering it has to bounce off of Phil's head. (It came at a good time!)

I can infer that this photo was taken around Christmas time because the attraction is lit up with lights that seem festive.