Makayla averett

Development of the telegraph & devement of the wireless

The electric telegraph was one of the first telecommunications technologies of the industrial age. How does it work? what is this form of communication called? for whom was it named: It's named after Samuel Morse & by sending smoke signals.

Describe Western Union's dominance of the telegraph industry during the years 1866-1900. The same period, the cost fell from $0.09 to 30 cents. New compellation from the telephone.

Alexander Graham Bell: In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patent the telephone. After he patent it soon devoted a nickname. It was called"the talking

Gugliemo Marconi:

Reginald Fessenden:

 In 1912 Lee Deforest:

& in 1912,how was the wireless telegraph used to save 700 people? They sent out a distress signals to call for help.