Before our land was named Pokeland it was called Shin'en, which means abyss. It was ruled by the mad King Gary, who had set the land in a civil war. It started in the year 1200 and lasted over 30 years until a hero emerged. Ash Ketshum overthrew King Gary in the year 1234 and became a wonderful king. He later renamed the land Pokeland after the creatures who live in the area: Pokemon.


We believe in the great Pokemon Arceus. He was created by absolute chaos that was in the beginning of time. He helped shape the earth and created life with the Jewel of Life. Our people worship him as our one and only god. They pray to him for anything and everything.


We have a very high class military system and secret service. Our military officers are well trained in all major martial arts and in older types of weapons like swords, cross-bows, and spears. The military bracket also captures and trains wild Pokemon to fight on our side. The NPI are a secret service agency that also works with Pokemon, and are in charge of taking care of the royal family. We rarely experience major crime, like murder, so our people never have trouble sleeping at night

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