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Everyone has to start somewhere! Click here for tips from a
1st-year maker as the CSI Lab was born.

How do we library?

Why Makerspaces and STEAM labs?

Inspiration for the Circuit Girls

Okay, but how?

Made in Canva during STEAM Mooc

Challenge vs. Workshop

  • To get started, host workshops to give students a new skill set. This will lead to tinkering later in the school year.
  • If you have a minimal amount of funding, buy a class set of something (like MakeyMakey) and challenge your kids to create with it in different ways all year.  Stretch your own thinking.  You need to tinker too!
  • Also make stuff with "junk" or unmake things like old computers.
  • Write grants, get funding with Donors Choose, look for STEAM funding.

Motivate kids mid-challenge with mentor experts

Engage students by HAVING FUN!

Keep pushing your kids.  One morning mine were all playing games, so I gave them something to MAKE!

Make a space in your library for projects. Contain the mess!

Our Emaze from Summer Digital Learning Conference

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