Carl Rogers
Kelsey Johnson

Picture of Carl Rogers

The school of thought Carl Rogers belonged to was the humanist school. He is known for the theory of personality development. This concept began while working with abused children. He claimed psychoanalytic, experimental, and behavioral therapists prevented clients from reaching self-realization and self-growth. By publishing books and giving lectures, Carl Rogers gained attention and followers along with people who disagreed with his theory. He is also well known for emphasis on personal awareness and allowing clients to have increasing flexibility in determining their own treatment. Carl Rogers also believed it was important for an individual to learn to understand himself and make independent choices significant in understanding the problem.

Carl Rogers was living from 1902-1987  before he died of a heart attack. There were many things going on in the 1900's that to me were very memorable. On December 17, 1903 Wilber and Orville Wright succeeded in the first sustained and manned plane flight. To me this was a very significant time in history because technology was advancing. On April 6, 1917, four days after receiving the request from President Woodrow Wilson. The United States government declared war on Germany and joint the allies in World War I. This was also a significant time in history in my opinion because this was a time of crisis in our country. On may 15, 1928, the first appearance of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on film occurred with the release of the animated short film "Plane Crazy". This is important to me because I grew up watching Mickey Mouse and I did not know it has been on for so long. On December 7, 1914, bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor. This is significant to because this is what pulled the United States into World War II. To me, World War II is a very touchy subject and that war showed our country's power.

Carl Rogers was a very important person in psychology. He was the leading figure within psychotherapy. He developed the breaking theory of personality development. Carl Rogers is the author of over 100 publications which explain his theories. He was received various awards and recognition for his hard work. He won the Nicholas Murray Butler Silver Medal from Columbia University in 1955. He also received the distinguished professional contribution award in 1972 from the American Psychological Association.

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