By: Branden Schlueter

   Have you ever heard about Pokemon? Well here's some Information.


   Yes i know what your thinking,what the heck is Pokemon? Well Pokemon are creature of all shapes and sizes that were put into our world. Also they don't say anything besides there name.Pokemon are raised and commanded by there owners or trainers.


   Now Pokemon was originally made in Japan by this guy named Satoshi Tajiri,he created it in 1995,which became popular very fast. Also which is 26 years old this very day.


   There are many Pokemon Games out there, and the first game was made in 1995, and still making more. These games have been on Mobile Consoles to, the trading card game was made in 2003.

Other Facts

   Did you know there were Movies and Episodes? Well there were 17 movies and 870 episodes so far,and if your wondering how many Pokemon there are, there are 720 Pokemon so far.


Now we come to the Conclusion, I hope you learned something about Pokemon so you can get into it and play and watch Pokemon! The Category's are Pokemon?,Age and Other facts, Hope you Enjoyed!


Consoles: A Electronic Device used for playing games.

Pokemon: Pocket Monsters on a game or movie.


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