vivian Malone

Vivian Malone was an achiever,because she was the first black woman to enroll in The University of Alabama.She was also the first black woman to graduate from The University of Alabama. Her Alma mater endowed a Vivian Malone Jones Scholarship Fund. Also, in her honor they hung her portrait in building that houses the college of commerce and Business Administration. She graduated with a degree in management.

She was very determined, because even though it was an all-white school she didn't care, she was determined to get an education. She wasn't admitted to junior status, because she was pretty or because she wore the most expensive clothes, she was admitted, because she was determined. In fact, she was so determined that after she graduated from college she moved to Washington,DC,and joined the U.S. Department of Justice as a staff member of its Voter Education Project. After that, she moved to Alabama and was the director of civil rights and urban affairs, with Environmental Protection Agency. And then she finally retired in 1996.

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