This is my story

A poem by me, about me

I cant change the past

But the future's mine and yours

So I dropped the razor and forgot about

All the blood that poured

Tomorrow is life's way

Of giving a new start

It's never too late to start a fresh

And have a change of heart

I believe that everyone

Should get a second chance

A new beginning from yesterday's end

And people shall then glance

Others see your great success

And how you have improved

For every bad there was in life

Has been suddenly removed

I sit alone in my room

And wonder if I can

Become as great and strong as you

Like all of other man

Slowly friends can see my smile

And they like the happy me

So much more that ever before

I'm happy as can be

There is still a long way

For me to go

But one day I'll be able to say

See I told you so...<3