Prayers for this strong PrincessBenefit: March 21,2013 at the Eagle's club in Thief River Falls

Brooklyn Alexis McCauley  

Brooklyn was born May 12,2012 at 8lb 7oz she was a healthy little girl and was able to the leave the hospital for home at just 1 day old! At 1 month Brooklyn started to loose weight and since she has had many troubles gaining weight In August 2012 Brooklyn was hospitalized at University of Minnesota Children’s hospital for 5 days and  underwent many blood test, Brooklyn was diagnosed failure to thrive at discharge! Brooklyn since has had many blood test along with weakly weight checks and had many changes in her formula to give her more calories , but some formulas went for the worse and gave her terrible digestions issue resulting in constipation or unexplained diarrhea !

leaving the hospital 1 day old

1 month old at the university of Minnesota children's hospital

At 6 months Brooklyn started showing some huge developmental delay that caught many doctors attention, she wasn’t sitting or rolling along with some over-tone muscle in her legs and couldn’t eat baby food!  The doctors thought possible Cerebral Palsy and started her on Physical Therapy and Occupational therapy right away! Brooklyn still thriving to put weight on slowly starts to incline in her weight and doctors don’t know where to turn to get her weight up! Brooklyn was hospitalized again January 15th at St. Paul children’ s hospital, she underwent a MRI of her brain and spine to find at this time there is no visible damage ( what a relief ) ! They ran many blood test and heart ultrasound, she seen doctors from Geneticist, metabolic and neurology all wanting different tests done and all left confused as to what could be wrong?? At 8 months weighting only 12lbs Brooklyn’s heath is very scary as without proper nutrients her brain and development is only delaying more!

8months at the St. Paul children's hospital

Brooklyn has been to many hospitals including Fargo, ND and Grand Forks, ND testing for Cystic Fibrosis (which came back negative) , Crookston, MN for therapy and Shriners Hospital in St. Paul, MN for future leg brace consultation. Doctors have many test they want to have done but time plays a factor in some tests. Brooklyn will be seeing a nutritionist soon for a possible g-tube placement to help her get stronger and more nutrients! Until we find out what’s wrong with Brooklyn we will have to continue with therapy and weight checks and hope her body will start to thrive eventually! Brooklyn will return to St. Paul children’s hospital in March and Gillette Children’s hospital in April For more test. Brooklyn has a long journey ahead of her but with everyone thoughts and prayers she can get threw this! She is Strong and a little Fighter!

story time with big brother

Daddy & his little girl

Mommy & her princess

There will be a dinner benefit along with a bake sale and silent auction. Details are still being worked out at this time but I will post when and where in the next few days. If you can't make it to the benefit but would still like to donate contact the people below.

Katie Moreno   Phone: 218-688-2047 Email:

Ashley Miller    Phone: 218-416-2010

Benefit update!

Benefit will be on March 21,2013 at the Eagles in Thief River Falls time still being decided
Address: 305 Red Lake Blvd

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