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Mobile Learning Apps

Journal Jar

An app for both Android and Apple devices that generates random topics for journal entries when the device is shaken. A teacher could use this app to generate topics for student journals. The students could also use this app if they were struggling with coming up with an idea to write about. (

Sock Puppets

An Apple App that allows users to create videos of puppets lip-synching to the users' voice. Students could use this app to present a story they've written or a project they've done. (


A program that combines video clips, photos, and music of the users' choice together to create a video. Students could use this to present the information they gathered about a topic in documentary form. (

Talking Tom and Ben News

This is an Android app in which Tom (an animated dog) and Ben (an animated cat) read aloud the "news", which is created by users, in a humorous way. Again, students could use this when presenting information to the class. For example, after reading a novel, students could present events that occurred in the story as if it were news using this app. (


Toontastic is an app that allows users to create stories using premade animation or creating characters of their own. This app could be used to tell the story of a famous historical figure or event in Social Studies. (

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