Victoria W
9th Grade
May 1, 2014
Hunt High
Project Purpose to Become more familiar about being a Librarian and Learning about what colleges have this career.
Sources: C F

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to become a Librarian.

A description of this Career is Librarians work in public libraries, educational institutes, museums, corporations, and organize books.

I might want to pursue this career because I love books and reading is my favorite thing to do.

How much will you make if you do this job? Beginning Salary: $35,640 Average Salary: $51,190 Highest Salary: $69,640.

How many years will it take you to reach this goal? 6 years

What kind of degree is required? Masters degree


College name: U NC Chapel Hill

College Location: Chapel Hill NC

Tuition: Not living on campus: $28,445 Living on campus: $17,427.

What's the ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college? 15:1

What are 3 other colleges or universities that offer this degree? East Carolina University, Florida State University, and University of Arizona.

Is High School Chemistry required to be admitted into this college? No

Will Chemistry be required to earn a degree in this area? No

Minimum HS GPA? 4.0

Other Careers

14.What are some other classes you can take while still in high school that will help to  prepare you for this career or to decide whether or not this career might be right for you?

1. English Class

2. Writing Class

3. Speech Class

15.What other degrees that interest you are offered at this particular college?

1.Librarian Director

2.Library Science Teachers

3. Library Technicians

16.What's the best thing you learned from doing this project?

By completed this website I learned different information about being a librarian

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