Internet Safety

Keep Calm and Be Safe

1. do not give out personal info. Kids’ Rules for Online Safety Proudly powered by Word Press.

2. don’t respond to people you don’t know on email or messages.

Ten Safety Rules for Kids Who Use the Internet By Michigan Department Of Attorney General


do not bully people on the internet because it can really hurt them. Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens The New York Public Library.   

4.dont ever do anything that’s going to cost your parents money without permission ,or that can be a scam. Safety Tips for kids internet education foundation.

5.Never arrange to meet someone you just met on the internet. Safety tips for kids internet eduaction foundation
 not put your password as your name or age or even address . top 10 online safety rules. author unknown 

7. Don’t post photos or videos online without getting your parents’ permission. Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens

by  new York public library

8.internet education foundation Safety Tips for Kids. if somebody says something to you that makes you uncomfortable then tell a grown up. 

9.always log off if your using a public computer like at a library.

10 online safety tips

10. visit sites that are appropriate for your age.

10 online safety tips.      

                  These online safety rules are important so that u can be safe online.

They keep you away from strangers and hackers. If you follow these 10 online safety rules then you might not be hacked and strangers wont find out were you live and all your other personal info. Also if bullies are messing with you then tell a parent and don't bully anyone else especially online.  So stay away from strangers and be safe.