Guatemala Society

How does power shift within society?

Within the game there were five different groups, including the guerillas, the army & wealthy, the Guatemala government, the peasants, and the United States of America. At the beginning of the game the Army & Wealthy had the most MSU's.

The power shifted in the game a few times. In the beginning the Army & Wealthy became alliances with the US, therefore the US had all their combined MSU's which also came with the silencing card. In month two the peasants joined the alliance and got all the MSU's therefor have all the power and the silencing card. Power shifts for many different reasons, one reason is to become alliances with another country or group you need to give something up, and most of the time it is money or MSU's in this case.

During the game there was a lot of conflict but not much cooperation. Most of the conflicts had to do with MSU's and the silencing card. After giving up all their power to the peasants the US decided to use there take over clause which upset all the other groups. The very first thing was kill the "Leaders" of every other group hoping that it would make them fall apart. The last thing the USA did was put one of there citizen as the Guatemala president.

In this simulation the USA had a big part in my opinion. They always had to have some sort of power and they held their take over clause over everybody else's head throughout the whole game. And when they had the power they abused it, especially the silencing card. Anyone going against them got silenced automatically. And in the end they didn't get their way and used their take over card so they could have the power over the rest of the Guatemalan society.

Money and power play a big part in power shifts within society.The reaction all depends on who has the power and what they plan to do with the power. When one group in society gains the power from another the original group gets very upset and tries to think of any way to get it back. In the game for example when the United States lost the power, they used their takeover clause to gain back all the power. This upsetting everyone else was going to plan to kill off the United States. They would do almost anything to gain back including executing people.

This game relates a lot to my life because there are five children in my family. Each kid has a specific group that they represent within the game.  The middle child represent the Army & Wealthy and the US combined because she has the most power and always has to have the most power.  Within families there is conflict and cooperation. There may be conflict about who gets the car or who showers first in the morning, but with these conflicts there has to be solutions. If you don't figure out her gets the car one day than neither people might get the car. If you don't figure out the conflicts nobody will "win" fight and get what they want. Another example of how the game relates to my life is my group of friends. Within the group there is eight of us. Nobody really has all the power but at times certain people have more power of others. For example if someone is having a sleepover and can only invite four people over they then have the most power because they get to chose who goes and who doesn't. Within the group there is conflict when two or three people get into a fight but we always end up working it out. A fight may start because they weren't invited to the sleepover and certain people take that personally. Every single one of our conflicts gets resolved with cooperation because the other friends in the group help them work it out. There is examples of this game all over the world and there is conflict and cooperation all over the world. This simulation was just to show us how things happen in real life.

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