I'll probably lose interest in A month or so ...

I start things I never finish... This will probably be another.

What goes here ?
Hmmm ... Wait maybe you want to know who the hell I am?
I am a female human (most of the time I try to act like one.) I'm Impatient, Profane, Scatterbrained. I'm a slightly sociopathic virgo with a cat named after a starch. I'm a noob cyclist winging it with the pro's.

Is that sufficient? ... I think that sums it up.

Whatever you find here... is what you find here, there's no 'theme', I'm not a journalist, I'm not a foodie, I don't rate 5* hotels - I don't have that kind of cash. *cough* bottom-feeder.

I DO however think about a lot of things while stuck in traffic, and it's a pity that I cringe at the sound of my own voice or I would have recorded the 'sometimes insanely intelligent' ideas that cross the threshold from the subconscious.
Just kidding - fuck, the things that cross my mind are useless; and to the ordinary human - downright infuriating.

You will probably notice my complete lack of knowledge on how to use punctuation.
I use commas and those other thingies as I see fit, so read over them or ... whatever.
I do use spell check every now and again, I must say my spelling isn't all that awful, and neither is my grammar.
For a 2nd language I'd say I my English sucks less than that of the average American. - Sorry guys, you should never have allowed those people to leave their traces on the web. - WE KNOW NOW!

I don't like feminists all that much, I do believe there are some things better left to the males.
Yes, there are some phenomenal female underwater welders out there, but to demand that all women can do it just opens up a door for every idiot to try, and underwater welding disasters just aren't something we need in this world right now.
But hey, maybe a female under water paramedic could go and save the damsel?

I'm on the fence about quite a lot of things... like animal rights.
*Relax, it's just the internet - they can't hurt you here!*
Anyway, I'm a carnivore, I live in sunny South-Africa where meat is a staple, we 'braai' (cook on fire - because I refuse to compare it to a BBQ, BBQ is a chip flavour) for fun, we drink wine and eat 'biltong' (dried meat) as snacks while we braai.
Bottom line is I eat meat.
But I don't wear fur, I try to avoid using products tested on animals - but these days all beauty product companies lie about that status so it's hard.
I don't like it when animals are killed for anything but to eat - and then, just to add...
that does NOT include domestic animals or any endangered species!
COW, PIG, SHEEP, CHICKEN, FISH... and on the rare occasion KUDU or SPRINGBOK or GEMSBOK (or some other buck that is not endangered and every inedible part used).
That's it kids, I refuse to eat Fluffy or Mr. Cuddles under any circumstances.

Is this part supposed to be an introduction?
I think we're way past that now...

Anyways...I'm going to go tinker with other parts of the page.

Nice to meet you...or not, maybe you're an asshole, but so am I.


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