Obliterating Innocence

Diana Lagunas
Mrs. Senteno
English 12b Honors
February 24,2014

“I was 4 at the time. I was scared too. He would come over to “comfort” me. And he did very perverse things to me. I was too scared to move”-Cat

By executing various child molesters at once through the method of gas chambers, we will save money and the innocence of many other children


Children, The Victims

  • "angels"
  • innocence
  • they live an "unexcisting" place
  • fragile mind, carefree, curiosity, truthful
  • open to loving anything and gradually accept love
  • have lack of judgement.

Pedophilias/Child Molestors

  • mental health problem: psychiatric disorder
  • abusers
  • inappropriate fantasy/desire
  • evil

"I trusted him...after all he was my father"


  • overcrowded prisons
  • high cost in maintenance
  • better benefits
  • they are a menace to society that should be liquified
  • saving money and killing many at the same time
  • having been sexual abuse results in metal health problem in the future

If the gas chamber kill many, our children/brother/sister will be safer


Covering the four corners of the doorway a large and narrow body discretely watches the young child toss and turn in bed. Scared wide blue eyes quickly burst open as she realizes what time it is. Her heartbeat beats faster with every step her damnation comes closer. A small child, no stronger than an old drunken fool, clutches harshly the rusty handle of her bedside. Silent sobs begin to whimper down her rosy cheeks, as tears begin to form from the corner of her eyes. Her innocent body goes blank as she watches Lucifer’s servant standing now in the corner of her bed, with a crocked smirk plastered across his face. Her only instinct left indicates her to curl into a ball and hope that someone puts a stop to it. Cold grey eyes lock with blue terrified eyes as he tautly licks his lower chapped lip never leaving eye contact. Slowly unbuckling his belt he repeats the process of the last few years

If this child was your sons/sister/brother/cousin what would you do to prevent this from going on...

gas chambers.

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