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The three statements which I talk about are: Being loyal to your family & Everyone should follow the law & People should be punished for breaking the law!

I'm gonna start with the last one: People should be punished for breaking the law! If people get punished for do something bad, then a lot of people are afraid... I mean the goal is to stop breaking the law, but if you punished people, then the people who punished this people, have all the power and do anything! And the world lives in fear.

It is also really important to be loyal to your family because without a family there is no love in this world and without love the life makes less sense. If you are loyal to your family, the family will be loyal to you and the life is essaier! Family is the most important thing in the world. I'm loyal to my family, but I also have a friend where the family isn't loyal and there are a lot of liars and secrets in this family. That is not the point of a family.

I personally disagree with the statement that everyone should follow the law because the world gets boring. Everything will be good and nothing is bad, that sounds not like a human. That sounds wrong. People do bad things and break the rules. It is literally impossible to not break the rule and to be a perfect human. Also, if everyone follows the law, there will be no prison, police or a court, so people will lose there jobs.

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3 years ago

Your ideas and examples work together, Marie. Make sure that you proofread (or have someone help you with it) and check that your sentences flow from one to the other.