Lord Capulet`s Journal

Act I, Lord Capulet, Martin Na, Period 3

There was a fight in the downtown between us and the Montagues..It was a shame. All the people were watching the fight and Prince came to warn us. What a disgrace. I will have to scorn the servants, and Tybalt who started the fight.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise. Paris, one of the royals came up to me and told me that he is ready to marry Juliet. However, he concerned about the age of Juliet because she is only thirteen. It is true that it is quite a young age to be married but my wife, her mom, Lady Capulet married me around the age of Juliet. I think her age will fit quite well.

I threw a big party and invited tons of guests and had them enjoy the party. How good it would have been if it weren`t for the stupid Tybalt who almost ruined the party. He was all fired up with the Montauges who came to our party. They did no harms to us and enjoyed the party quietly. There was no need for him to be all fired up for the presence of the Montagues. What was he even trying to do? His act only would have promoted the people think of us as dirty and hotheaded people.

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