End of Year College Project

by Daisy Hernandez


Persuasive Essay

This world is full of negative people, bring people down and see the worst in life. Being a positive perosn in this world is very good and also rare.

A lot of people like being negative, and that brings nothing good to the world . They say all these negative things to bring people down or just saying how they see things. I mean it's good people have their own opinions on things but these people see nothing but bad. After a negative person says something they make other people think the same way and just brings more negative people. We need more of open minded people, the people that see the good in everything.

Being a positive person brings you good vibes. You're that one person that everyone likes to be around because of how positive you are. Helping others when they need help and also knowing you can do it your self. People look up to you and also know they can count on you to give them a good talk about something. We have such negative people in this world that it's really rare to find someone positive and very helpful.

I say this word needs more positive people. We would want someone that brings the worst in people ? I'd rather be around people who can help me in things and also open minded about different things. Being negative is honestly not going to get you anywhere in live. You'll always be thinking why didn't you do this ? Or why didn't I do that? You move on from it and learn and do something better.

Everyone needs a positive person they need to look up to, find that person and they'll be glad to help you. Being positive is the best thing you can do. Don't be negative, don't think everything is forever. Think about the good in it.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom is May Concern,

America Valdez is a friend of mine, she has asked me to write her a letter of recommendation so she can get the job she wants. America wants to be Psychologist she wants to help and let people see the good in life. Also help challenge people that need to be challenged. She's very understanding too, she doesn't judge people. Her skill level is very good, she works good with others, multi task, is very creative ND good social skills. I'm writing this letter to shoe that America can be a very good candidate for this job I highly recommended you higher her for this job position. If you have any questions you can reach me at (915) 222-2393 or at hernandez.daisy94@yahoo.com

Sincerely , Daisy Hernandez

Letter of Intent

Hernandez, Daisy Odalys

22223 Tierra Cebada

El Paso, Texas 79944

May 26, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, CEO

Seattle Grace Hospital 1332 Joe Battle

El Paso, Texas 79944

Dear Miguel Trevizo,

I can give other people help on teaching them things they don't know about the human brain. I can be a very good teacher and helper for those that need it. Helping others is what I want to do and if it helps them hell other people then even better.

Mt goals for this job is to help people that need help, and also find some new ways to help them. Better ways to do a surgery and good recovery for the patient. I have experience from looking at a surgery being preformed, and also assisting in one.

Daisy Hernandez


Daisy Hernandez


14997 Tierra Cebada



My goal in my profession is to help people with the problems they have. I'll be operating on peoples brain when they need it  I went to school to help with my studies and keep me on track and also know what I'm studying for.

I went to Paso Del Norte for elementary and also for middle school. I am attending El Dorado 9th Grade Academy for a year now. Through these years I have manged to be a , AB honor student.

I have experience by learning the different systems of the body. The body listed to the Brian, the Brian is jusy a messenger to the rest of the body. I'm taking this called biomedical science, it's helping me a lot to learn and understand.

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