Bullying Stops Now!

If I was in they're group I wouldn't have agreed with them about sending the messages to Chris asking him about personal stuff. Also I would've made them take the URL off of the fake blog, also I would report it bullying and once we got to school I would take up for Chris and tell everyone that it was fake.


1. If you and your friends witness this bullying, but do nothing about it, what message does this send to the bully?  It tells the bully that you are not against him or her which means you are on they're side.

2. What are some things you and your friends can do to act socially responsible in this  situation?  Me and my friends could go talk to the person that's being bullied and ask them if they would like to tell an adult.

3. If you and your friends choose to stand up for your classmate, how have you changed your school climate regarding bullying?  I think if me and my friends would've stood up for our classmate then everybody at our school would see that its okay to stand up for your friends or yourself.

4. In case of supporting your classmate, what message is communicated to the bully or bullies?  You should tell the bully that it not nice to bully and you should tell the person that's being bulled that they should have told someone earlier.