Understanding the meaning ofMusic

The music is important because it can express your feelings and that everyone have there own way of telling their feelings. Even when other people think that it's not good or it sounds different but really all you got to do is listen to it and you might think it's important but just not for you. Music may be important to others who understands it but the ones who don't understand the meaning of it way be difficult. For a example if you were a different race and listen to Hmong song it may sound different weird because you don't know the meaning or know what their saying but the person who understands Hmong and they listen to it they would be able to because that's there race. It's just like when you listen to a different culture song it sounds different but their song sounds good and what not.

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3 years ago

Good ideas, Pa Zau! Read your work aloud to catch missing words and grammatical errors. Let's talk through this together.