Rain Pryor

Civil Right Activist.

Rain Pryor, who is the daughter of the comedian Richard Pryor. Rain Pryor was born July 16, 1968 in Los Angeles California. Her mother Shelley Bonis was Jewish and her father Richard Pryor was African American. The couple was married for 2 years, and then settled for a divorce. Rain was then growing up with her grandparents, and later on re-united with her father.  Rain Pryor is a artistic director, comedian, multifaceted actress and a singer.  Rain loved to perform and act in front of people. Rain did different types of TV and stage acting during the mid 1990's and had costarred with Sherilyn Fenn in a showtime series "Rude Awakening"  which debuted in 1998. Rain was influenced into acting after watching her father and she then decided that was what she wanted to do. Rain's accomplishments, was she was able to work and act in shows with the people that she admired. She became so good, she got to stage several shows such as "Friend Chicken and Latkes" "Chicago Hope" "Diva's" "Game Change" and "The New York Times".  Her father died in 2005 over a heart attack, so Rain made a movie called "Jokes My Father Never Taught Me" as in a memory of her father. Rain followed her father's footsteps with acting and became really good at it.

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