By:Callyn and Autumn

Honduras is located in central america.They are america's second largest coffee producers.They are a small town but they make money by their main attraction's like the zoo, horse back ridding, food places, and other things like that.If you visit this town you will have a great time.

The climate in Honduras can be topical ( humid and moist) because they live by and around the jungle.

We have many arts at many places like our cafes and museums.You will surely enjoy all of it. :)

Honduras has many transpertations like animals and trucks. They also have many hotels to sleep they are fancy hotels , sometimes it can cost alot of money.


here are  some of the animals in honduras. Pets - zoo animals -wild animals.

Honduras is the second LARGEST coffee producer in america.

Honduras has many fine museums feild with art from the past to present day. Their  art is sometimes on walls around town for tourist to see when they come and visit this nice place called Hondarus.

Their are many things for you to do like play games or go horse back ridding and take your kids to the park and tke them to the......... ZOO!! :)

If you really like famous things then you will enjoy our famous historical sites. First up is our national park were u will see many wild animals and plants. Second is our clean light blue beach were you can swim along side with dolphins and NON-DANGEROUS (SAFE) stingrays. :)

LEAPORD: I am not a rug...SAVE ME.

Heres a map of sweet sites to visit while you are here! :D

One of the places that you would love to buy cars and other thing at.


With our lovely guide app you will get many travel tips to help you explore all of our lovely country called ...Hondura!! :) also travel advisory is included.



                                                      COME BACK SOON!!! :D

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