Middle East Family Assessment

Demick Hobbs, Deene Hill, Nick Jean

Mr. Lee

Cultural Geography G Period


     When the Justice of the Peace says speak now or forever hold your peace, many people at the wedding had objections.  Because of the conflicts of these two different religions from the past, many people/family members did not support or agree with this marriage.  They did not support it because the Muslim religion believes in the prophet Mohammad and the Jewish religion believes that there prophet has not come to them yet.  When these two types of religions and their families collided in marriage, neither family agreed with the marriage based on their beliefs.  This caused both families to want the marriage to be stopped.   The Jewish family's mom objected saying she does not want her son to marry a Muslim terrorist.  The Jewish family took a stereotypical insult to the Muslims because some Muslims are known as terrorists but obviously not nearly all of them.  This caused a huge uprising and conflict at the wedding between both families.  In retaliation, the Muslim bride's mom complained how her family had no relation to terrorism and how their whole Jewish family are stereotypical liars just because of religions.  This caused not only the family, but also the bride and groom to be absolutely outraged.  Basically, everyone at this wedding was angry.  The bride and groom were both complaining how this wedding was not about religion or their families even, they were complaining how their wedding was about them two and how both of their families were acting as a disgrace to the bride and groom themselves and their religion.  This caused both families to understand how the wedding was not about them and it helped them to stop fighting, stop the arguing and conflict, and to continue on with the wedding.

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